Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics

User Registration

Why won't the system accept the username I chose?
There can only be one account with any particular username on the system. If the username is taken, then the system will not allow you to register with that username. Usernames must also be alphanumeric, and start with a letter. If the username you chose is not available, you will have to use a different one. Also, your username must be 4 to 15 characters in length.
Why won't the system accept my e-mail address?
There can only be one account with a particular e-mail address on the system. If you are registering with an e-mail address that is already associated with an account, the system will not allow you to re-register. The most common cause of this problem is that you previously registered, but forgot your username or password. You can retrieve your username and password by using the "Lookup Lost Password" feature from our home page.
What is my organization ID number?
The organization ID number is a number used by GISTware to identify organizations, or branches of organizations in the system. If you are signing up as part of a corporate training program, you should ask your training administrator for more information. Individual subscribers should not request association with an organization on the system.
What is the admission code?
Organizations can use an admission code to limit who can request addition to the organization. If you have not been given an admission code, and you are requesting to be admitted to an organization, you should try just leaving it blank. If the blank admission code is not accepted, contact your training administrator for the admission code.
Can I see a sample of what you offer?
If you have registered and have a username and password, you can view our Guest Sampler.

Accessing and Using Your GISTnet; "My Page"

I registered with the system, but when I try to log in it will not take my password. What is wrong?
Most likely there is a problem with capitalization. Although your username is not case sensitive, your password is. If you do not remember how your password is capitalized, you can have it sent to you (see below).
I have lost or forgotten my username and/or password, is there some way that I can retrieve them?
If your email address has not changed since you created or last updated your user record, use the Lookup Lost Password feature on the GISTnet home page. If our system does not recognize the email address you enter, call us at 1-310-376-3888, and we will help you (we are available Monday through Friday between 6:30AM and 5:00PM California time).
I can't get access what I want on the system?
Have you registered with the system? If not, please register using "Guest/User Registration" on the GISTnet home page or your company's registration link on its GISTnet main page. If you have already registered with the system, what error message does our system give you when you try to log on? This error message should tell you why you cannot access the page you seek ("Not authorized" generally means you do not have access because you have not have a GISTnet subscription or have been given access to the particular content by your employer. "Page not found" simply means that the page in question does not exist, usually as a result of a broken hyperlink.
Is there a log-out button?
There is no log-out button. Our system does not actively log you in, it simply requests a password from your computer each time you access content. Most browsers have the option to store ("cache") your password so you only are requested to enter it when you first log on, or when you seek a page from another "content domain" on our server.

GISTnet Library Content

I am trying to find some information for ____, however, I am not able to access it. Do I need to subscribe to get this information?
To access our library or country information database you need have a subscription. However, we do offer samples of our library and some countries in our Guest Sampler.
Is there any information on your website regarding ____?
If it is information in the area of logistics, it's likely to be on our system. Take a look at the Guest Sampler to get an overview of our content.

How GISTnet Courses Work

Are the courses set in such a manner that they could be completed in stages?
Yes, our courses are divided into lessons. Lessons usually take about one hour each.
When will the course start?
Once we have received your payment the course will be opened up to you. You will receive an email informing you that the course has become available. At this point, you can start the course whenever you are at a computer with a browser and a connection to the internet.
Do you have any on-line classroom discussion facility available?
No, although we do provide an email address where the author can be contacted if you have further questions. We welcome questions on our material and feedback on how to improve it.
I took an assessment for record, but did not pass, what do I do now?
You should return to the lesson and study some more, then take an assessment for learning to see if you have studied sufficiently. Once you have studied sufficiently, take another assessment for record. A failed assessment for record will go on your assessment history, but you are permitted to take it again until you pass.
I would like to have the due dates for the course set back; could you please do that?
Generally, we do not change due dates for people taking a course under a company subscription; you must talk to one of your company's learning program administrators to have them change your due dates. For individual subscribers, let us know and we will change your due dates.

Formatting Used in GISTnet Library and Training

For many topics, the GISTnet Library and training study assignments consist mostly of text with few graphics. This can be boring as well as challenging to get through. Why not stimulate interest with more graphics and media clips?

We certainly agree that a picture can be worth 1000 words, and when this is true we do use pictures and even animations or video when the subject matter involves task motion or behavior. The challenge is that much of our subject matter is technical in nature, based on government regulations and company procedures which are also communicated in text and only in text. For this type of subject matter, graphics are not available or would not help communicate the information.

We also endeavor to apply two principles to our content:

  1. Context-based learning—In order to apply the subject matter to real world situations, a person must refer to and understand similar and even more challenging text (e.g., government regulations). Learning should occur in the context of the skill needed to apply what is learned. Our presumption is that typical GISTnet users, because of the type of work they need to do, have good reading comprehension.
  2. Avoid distraction—The addition of gratuitous graphics that do not directly communicate or reinforce the subject matter serves only to distract the learner, and actually reduces comprehension and retention.

To increase text usability and effectiveness, we break our subject matter into bite-sized pieces using numerous hierarchical text headings. These headings summarize the information and aid in finding information of interest when using tables of content. Within text passages, we further differentiate and emphasize key points through a variety of visually distinct formatting such as:

How do people with limited reading comprehension complete training via GISTnet?
We understand that some of our learners have difficulty with predominantly text-based learning either because of limited fluency in the language used or, in a few cases, because of reading disorders. For subject matter which is better communicated through graphics, animation or video, we use these when available or economically feasible to create. For example, there are numerous video clips in our Supervision, Customer Service and Sales training to communicate situations and behavior. We also use animated simulations and audio narration to communicate correct vs. incorrect procedures in security and safety training.
I prefer to study using a workbook so I can make notes to reinforce my learning and study away from my computer. Can I print out GISTnet study assignments?
Yes, we encourage this in our course instructions. This is one of the reasons our study assignments consist of one continuous browser page rather than numerous small pages or slides.
GISTnet web design and learning interface seems very plain (no glitz). Why?
Our page and content design is driven by our customer base and Internet technology concerns. These include: For these reasons, we find that less is more.
I am concerned that what I learn in training may change over time, or I may simply forget some important detail. How can I refresh on what I learn in a GISTnet course?
The lesson study assignments in most GISTnet courses consist of information that is continuously available and regularly updated in the GISTnet Library. If you have access to GISTnet under an employer or personal subscription, you can refresh your training and engage in self-directed learning far beyond what was covered in your training anytime the need arises. The numerous links from your training course and link bar across the top of "My Page" and every lesson page take you into the GISTnet Library. The formatting of GISTnet Library content is also influenced by this dual-use in both training courses and on-the-job performance support.

System Email Notifications

I've completed the course; why am I receiving overdue notices from the system?

You will only receive overdue notices for lessons that you have not in fact passed. You may have mistakenly taken an assessment for learning instead of an assessment for record. If your score does not appear on your assessment history (you can get to that from your Personal Page) you probably took an assessment for learning instead of for record. You must take an assessment for record in order to pass a lesson.

Another possibility is that you were assigned to the same course twice, with the second time being after you passed some lessons. If this problem comes up, please let us know by emailing or by calling us at 1-310-376-3888.

Assessment Emergencies

I just accidentally hit assessment-for-record instead of assessment-for-learning. What should I do?
Don't panic; just go back and start the assessment for learning that you wanted to take. If you do not respond to any of the questions, our system will not grade the assessment (except in certain unusual circumstances).
The computer timed me out of an assessment when it said I still had time left. What gives?
There is some confusion about this because the official time remaining on your assessment is kept on our server. Whenever you load a new page, it puts the time remaining on that page, but on that page the time doesn't change. So you could load a page with one minute remaining, look at it for two minutes, then when you submit your answer the server will tell you that you ran out of time.

Administering Subscriptions

How do we add a user to our org?
If the user has already registered with GISTnet, you can use this procedure:
  1. Start on your "My Page".
  2. Select the organization to which you want to associate the person.
  3. Go to "Structure of this organization".
  4. Choose the sub-organization to which the user belongs and follow the "users" link in parentheses after that sub-org.
  5. Enter the new user's username into the "Add User" field.
  6. Select the "Add User" button.
Can our company have two administrators or is it one only?
Our system can handle as many administrators as you wish. All notifications will be sent to administrators with appropriate privileges to act upon the notifications.
How can I fix a mistake I made in posting training record events?
We do not allow company administrators to edit or delete training record entries. If a mistake has been made, please email us at or call us at 1-310-376-3888 and we will fix it. (We are available Monday through Friday between 6:30AM and 5:00PM California time.)

Training Completion Certificate

Do you offer certificates?
How do I get a certificate?
In most cases you can print a certificate out yourself. You can do this by going to your training record, and using the pass date link of the course for which you want the certificate. At the bottom of the page there is a link marked "Print Certificate". If you follow that link, it gives you options for configuring the certificate.
What type of certificate would I receive when I complete one of your courses?
Here is a sample certificate in PDF, PNG, JPEG and postscript formats.

GISTnet Fees

Is there a price break for multiple courses?
Yes, we do have a discount schedule for buying ten or more uses of our courses.
I want to take a course on my own, as an employee of a subscribing company do I qualify for the subscriber rate?
Yes, you do get the subscriber rate.

Training Required for Dangerous Goods Shipping

Will your course satisfy certification requirements in the Dangerous Goods regulations?
Yes and no. No course, seminar or other training can certify you to work with dangerous goods. The only authority that can certify you is your employer, who certifies that the dangerous goods training you have received satisfies their requirements. We welcome queries by employers about the course of study for our dangerous goods courses, and are confident that our courses will meet or exceed their needs. Also, we retain the tests that you take for use in complying with record keeping requirements.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes we have a privacy policy. If it doesn't address a particular question you have, please contact us for clarification.

Help with GISTnet

GISTnet provides on-line help covering many issues. Simply use the "Help" link on our main page, or on the navigation bar above any content page to reach our help index.

If you do not find what you need in our on-line help, you can email us at or call us at +1.310.376.3888. We are available Monday through Friday between 6:30AM and 6:30PM California time.