States with Mandatory Employee Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Training

This chart is a summary of key requirements. It does not include important details. Refer to state notes below for government-issued information. Nothing we present here should be construed as legal advice; consult with legal counsel as to employer obligations and worker rights.

State/CityExcepted EmployersWorkers to Be TrainedTraining TimeRecurrent Training?Must Refer to State Remedies?Must Train Company Policy?Record-Keeping?
California<5 workerssupervisors & managers2 hours2 yearsYesYes2 years
all others1 hour
Connecticutno exceptionssupervisors & managers2 hours3 yearsYesYes1 year
<3 workersall employees
Delaware<50 workersall2 yearsYesYes
Illinoisno exceptionsallAnnualYes
Maine<15 workersallYesYes3 years
New York Stateno exceptionsallAnnualYesYesEncouraged
New York City; NY State rules also apply<15 workersallAnnualYesYes3 years

GISTnet provides discrimination and harassment prevention training using Traliant video-enhanced interactive modules.

In addition to U.S. Federal law prohibiting employment-related harassment and discrimination, many states also have laws which increase Federal standards and requirements. At this time (February, 2020), California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New York and New York City mandate that training be provided to all employees, though requirements vary. Of course, training in this topic is a good practice everywhere in order to promote compliance with Federal and state law as well as implementing company policy.

Because topics that must be trained and/or duration of training varies by state, we provide several state variations of the core training to which can be added a company-specific module to teach and record understanding of company policy and state/city remedies. Employers need to add a custom module for workers in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, New York, and New York City. To add this employer-specific module, contact us. We will need a short statement of company policy concerning your procedure for a worker who experiences harassment or discrimination to report this to your company. We can also add links to the various state agencies (remedies), as required by some jurisdictions. We do not charge in advance for this customization, but this additional module will add a small additional charge, typically $1 or less, per student assignment.

All required record-keeping, and notifications to company training administrators and others when refresher training is coming due, are included in the course fee.

State Notes and Links to More Information

Here is additional information and links to respective official information concerning mandatory Anti-Harassment and Discrimination training.





Implementation regulations pending.

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New York State

New York City