CSMS Message: 18-000105

Title:ACE PRODUCTION Deployment, Thur 2/1/2018 @0500ET,impact Cargo Release & Entry Summary
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Please be advised that there will be an ACE PRODUCTION PGA/ITDS deployment on Thursday morning, Febuary 1, 2018, during the 0500 - 0700 ET window, which will impact ACE Cargo Release and ACE Entry Summary processing.

To be deployed:

• PGAD-15283: FDA - Should have rejected for missing country of production.
• PGAD-15474: Entry incorrectly rejected for missing zip code.
• PGAD-15588: DEA - Incorrect error code (P57) being sent for invalid correction indicator.
• PGAD-15613: FSIS - PG21 data missing; entry incorrectly accepted.
• PGAD-16060: NMFS - SIM - rule incorrectly fired.
• PGAD-15547: ATF - if quantity is provided in PG26, it must be whole number and > 0.
• PGAD-15504: FSIS - CA incorrectly rejects for missing data for e-CERT country.