CSMS Message: 18-000624

Title:Entry Summary Order of Reporting For Multiple Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) in ACE
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INFORMATION: Entry Summary Order of Reporting For Multiple Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) Classifications in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)

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The purpose of this message is to outline the order of reporting in ACE for multiple HTS on the same entry summary line, when a Chapter 98 or 99 HTS is required. ACE is the system of record for all entry summaries.

When submitting an entry summary in which a heading or subheading in Chapter 98 and/or 99 is claimed on imported merchandise, the following instructions will apply for the order of reporting the HTS on an entry summary line.

1. Chapter 98 (if applicable)
2. Chapter 99 number(s) for additional duties
3. For trade remedies,
first report the Chapter 99 HTS for Section 301,
followed by the Chapter 99 HTS for Section 232 or 201 duties (if applicable),
followed by the Chapter 99 HTS for Section 201 or 232 quota (if applicable).
4. Chapter 99 number(s) for REPLACEMENT duty or other use (i.e., MTB or other provisions)
5. Chapter 99 number for other quota (not covered by #3) (if applicable)
6. Chapter 1 to 97 Commodity Tariff

The entered value of the commodity being imported on the entry summary line should be reported on the Chapter 1-97 HTS classification for the commodity being imported. Except if Chapter 98 reporting provisions require the entered value to be reported differently.

Questions from the importing community concerning ACE entry filing and rejections should be referred to their Client Representative.

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