CSMS Message: 18-000756

Title:Section 321 Truck Manifest Enforcement Guidance for January 1, 2019
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On January 1, 2019, Customs and Border Protection will begin the enforcement stage for carriers not filing an advance electronic manifest for Section 321 merchandise transported by commercial trucks.

Currently, technical restrictions within the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) limit the number of Section 321 shipments that can be manifested to 5,000 or less when transported by truck. The Trade Transformation Office, within the Office of Trade is aware of the problem and has indicated a correction will be in place by April 1, 2019.

Absent the technical correction within ACE, carriers transporting more than 5,000 shipments of Section 321 merchandise are unable to file an electronic manifest. Therefore, CBP will not pursue any penalty action against these carriers who are unable to file a manifest due to CBP system limitations. However, enforcement action may be pursued for truck carriers with 5,000 or less shipments if the manifest was not submitted electronically.

For questions, please email the Cargo and Conveyance Security Manifest Division at manifest@cbp.dhs.gov

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