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Title:ACE Entry Summary Business Process Document 9.75
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A revised version of the External ACE Entry Summary Business Process document has been posted on CBP.gov and can be accessed by going to:

This version of the document, published June 18, 2019, includes the following updates:
General Sections
1, 2, 3, 5, and 8 are now:
Entry Summary

Section 4 (Non-ABI) is now:
2.0 Non-ABI/Manual Entry Summary

Section 6 (Single Transaction Bond) is now:
3.0 Single Transaction Bonds (For eBonds)

Section 7 (Remote Location Filing Process) is now:
4.0 Remote Location Filing Process

Section 9 (Blanket Declarations) is now:
5.0 Blanket Declarations

Section 10 (TIB) is now:
6.0 Temporary Importation Under Bond (TIB)

Section 11 (PSC) is now:
7.0 Post Summary Correction (PSC)

Section 12 (Quota) is now:
8.0 Quota

Section 13 (AD/CVD) is now:
9.0 Antidumping and Countervailing (AD/CVD)

Section 14 (Liquidation) is now:
10.0 Liquidation

Section 15 (Reconciliation) is now:
11.0 Reconciliation

Section 16 (Protests and 520(D) Claims) is now:
12.0 Protests and 520(D) Claims

Section 17 (Warehouse Entries) is now:
13.0 Warehouse Entries and Withdrawals

Section 18 (TFTEA Drawback) is now:
14.0 TFTEA Drawback

Section 19 (ACE Reports) is now:
15.0 ACE Reports

Section 20 (DCMA) is now:
16.0 DCMA Entries

Section 21 (NAFTA Duty Deferral) is now:
17.0 NAFTA Duty Deferral

Section 22 (Foreign Trade Zones) is now:
18.0 Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs)

Section 23 (Trade Fair Foreign Exhibits) is now:
19.0 Trade Fair Foreign Exhibit (Entry Type 24)

Section 24 (Collections) is now:
20.0 Collections

Section 25 (Informal Entries) is now:
21.0 Informal Entries

Section 26 (HTS Reporting) is now:
22.0 HTS Reporting For Multiple Classifications

Section 27 (Downtime procedures) is now:
23.0 Downtime Procedures

Section 1 (Entry Summary) – Sections 1 (Entry Summary Transmission), 2 (Entry Summary Record Creation), 3 (Entry Summary Cancellation), 5 (System-Generated Notification), and 8 (Entry Summary Team Review) have been revised and combined into 1 section, which has been renamed “Entry Summary”. Edits have also been made to the content the combined section 1 to make it clearer and flow better.

Section 2 (Non-ABI/Manual Entry Summary) – Section 2, previously section 4, has been completely overhauled and a number of new subsections have been added for content such as Non-ABI/manual entry summary lineless processing, filer codes, etc.

Section 7 (Post Summary Correction) – Section 7, previously section 11, has been reorganized and its language has been revised to make the section clearer and flow better.

Section 9 (AD/CVD) – Section 9, previously section 13, content has been updated to include the latest acronyms, additional AD/CVD related definitions, and revised language.

Section 11 (Reconciliation) – Section 11, previously section 15, has had a number of new subsections, such as Reconciliation collections, Reconciliation interest calculations, etc., and language edits have been made to the section to make it clearer.

Section 24 (Create/Update Importer Identification form (cbpf 5106) – Added a new section that provides guidance for the CBP Form 5106 and Importer of Record processing.

Section 25 (Consolidated Express Filings (CEF)) – Added a new section that provides guidance on Consolidated Express Filing in ACE.

All ACE Entry Summary Business Process document related questions, comments, and suggestions should be emailed to acebusinessrules@cbp.dhs.gov.