CSMS Message: 19-000326

Title:Process to Re-Activate an Inactivated Importer of Record in ACE
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This message is a reminder to the Trade Community of the process to reactivate an inactivated Importer of Record (IOR).

To reactivate an inactive IOR, an ABI broker may submit the TP message with Action Code A to change the status from “”20-Inactive” to “10-Active. Please remember that all required 5106 data elements will need to be submitted with the TP message.

If a party other than an ABI broker is handling the reactivation request, a revised CBP Form 5106 must be provided to an Entry Specialist Team with all the mandatory data elements filled out. The email to which the CBP Form 5106 is attached must include “IOR reactivation request” in the subject line, and explain in the body that the CBP Form 5106 is being submitted to reactivate an IOR that already exists but is currently in “20 – Inactive” status. The IOR reactivation request with the revised CBP Form 5106 may also be hand delivered to the entry unit at a port of entry.

To activate an IOR that has been voided, an un-void request needs to be emailed to CBP's Office of Finance (OF) at bondquestions@cbp.dhs.gov with the appropriate supporting documentation. The supporting documentation varies depending on which type of identification number (EIN, SSN, or CBP-Assigned Number) is associated with the IOR. Information on what documentation is required to un-void an IOR is available on the “Voided Importer Record FAQ” on cbp.gov located at:https://www.cbp.gov/trade/priority-issues/revenue/bonds/voided-importer-record-faqs.

The subject line of emails sent to bondquestions@cbp.dhs.gov requesting reactivation of IORs needs to include the following, specific to the type of identification number:

Prior to requesting assistance from CBP (Entry Specialist or OF Revenue Division), please query and verify the current status of the IOR in the ACE Portal Account.

A list of FAQs and available resources can be found on cbp.gov located at:

Questions or concerns about CBP Form 5106 should be sent to 5106@cbp.dhs.gov.