DG15u—Dangerous Goods: General Awareness & Air Forwarder Function-Specific (IATA only)

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This course is designed for air forwarders who use the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations as their primary resource in complying with DG regulations. It provides the "general awareness" and "function-specific" components of required training, as addressed in the IATA DGR, and consistent with U.S. DoT HMR, for certification as a "hazmat employee" needed to process DG shipments for air transportation plus connecting truck transportation.

Important: This course does not addresses the "general safety" nor "security awareness" training components needed for "hazmat employee" certification under U.S.DoT rules. However, for air forwarders, the separate OSHA-mandated safety training plus the TSA-mandated IAC air cargo security training will cover these additional training requirements for certification.

For personnel who are to be cross-trained in processing shipments by transportation modes other than air and connecting ground transportation, separate courses should be used to minimize redundant training. Refer to our course matrix or contact GISTnet for more information.

Introduction to IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations; Shipper's Responsibilities

(Estimated study time: 23 minutes)

IATA DGR, Sections 1-2 – Applicability, Limitations

(Estimated study time: 39 minutes)

IATA DGR, Section 3 – Classification

(Estimated study time: 28 minutes)

IATA DGR, Section 4 – Identification

(Estimated study time: 44 minutes)

IATA DGR, Section 4 – Identification, cont.

(Estimated study time: 45 minutes)

Using the DGL to Determine Air Shipment Requirements

(Estimated study time: 38 minutes)

IATA DGR, Section 5 – Packing, Section 6 – Packing Specifications & Tests

(Estimated study time: 59 minutes)

IATA DGR, Section 7 – Marking

(Estimated study time: 39 minutes)

IATA DGR, Section 7 – Labeling

(Estimated study time: 30 minutes)

IATA DGR, Section 8 – Documentation

(Estimated study time: 50 minutes)

IATA DGR, Air Waybill Preparation

(Estimated study time: 39 minutes)

IATA DGR: Sections 9 & 10; Forwarder Responsibilities

(Estimated study time: 49 minutes)

IATA DGR, Forwarder Responsibilities, cont.

(Estimated study time: 37 minutes)