FG4—Incoterms: FAS and FOB (fill in gaps)

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This fill-in-the-gaps learning addresses the particular responsibilities of seller and buyer under delivery terms FAS and FOB, while avoiding or solving problems that can arise. These terms are not appropriate for cargo shipped in intermodal container by vessel. Rather, they are only for use when the seller is responsible for delivering cargo directly to a vessel that will be chartered or otherwise arranged for by the buyer. These terms are typically encounter when shipping bulk cargo; large quantities of project cargo and construction material; vehicles aboard ro-ro vessels; and/or large items to be shipped on deck.

This module does not have a study assignment per se, and assumes that the user has some existing understanding of the topic. A person with little or no prior understanding of this topic should take a regular GISTnet course covering this topic instead.

Working with FAS and FOB Delivery Terms

Instructions for use of this learning module:

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(Estimated study time: 27 minutes)