Preventing Discrimination and Harassment (manager)

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This 60-minute course, presented in a familiar news show format, is divided into brief, schedule-friendly episodes—and features interactive videos and gamification to enrich the learning experience. It explains the behaviors that are expected of individuals to create a workplace that is free of discrimination, harassment and bullying. In addition, this course examines the responsibilities managers have to prevent discrimination and harassment, and to respond appropriately should inappropriate conduct occur.

As a student you will be engaged, not bored.

Preventing all forms of workplace harassment and discrimination has become a high priority for organizations, both because the U.S. and State laws requires this, and now also because training employees to recognize, counteract and report such harassment and discrimination has become mandatory in a growing number of States.

Important: Although this training can be assigned on a stand-alone basis, it will be more effective when combined with training in your employer’s internal policy and procedures. Also, if you work in California, Connecticut or New York, you must have a special version of this training addressing your state regulations. Email GISTnet or call us (310-376-3888) for more information.

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment (manager)