C20u—Intro to U.S. Export-Import Basics: Transaction Negotiation, Incoterms, Payment Terms

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This course is designed for an entry-level person to gain basic understanding of the process of importing goods into the United States, including:

The Export-Import Transaction

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 1 minute)

Transaction Time Schedule vs. Risk

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 3 minutes)

Identity of Actual Supplier; Origin and Destination Country Requirements/Restrictions

(Estimated study time: 59 minutes)

Arranging Cargo Transportation; Risk Reduction through Cargo Insurance

(Estimated study time: 39 minutes)

Contract Essentials; Need for Standards; Trade Terms

(Estimated study time: 51 minutes)

Summary of Incoterms

(Estimated study time: 57 minutes)

Seller and Buyer Obligations Common to All Incoterms

(Estimated study time: 41 minutes)

Passage of Risk; Responsibility for Arranging Primary Transportation

(Estimated study time: 52 minutes)

Required Notices under Incoterms; Trade Term Citation Particulars

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 10 minutes)

Trade Term Citation Particulars, cont.

(Estimated study time: 33 minutes)

EXW – Additional Requirements and Concerns General

An importer should generally avoid buying foreign goods on EXW ("ex factory") terms. Here is why.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 8 minutes)

"F" Terms – Delivery in Origin Country

(Estimated study time: 50 minutes)

"C" Trade Terms – Delivery at Origin Port, Airport or Frontier, Freight Prepaid to Foreign Destination

(Estimated study time: 40 minutes)

"D" Terms – Delivered in Destination Country

(Estimated study time: 50 minutes)

Detailed Comparison of Respective Costs and Responsibilities For Each Trade Terms

This lesson provides practice in understanding exactly which party, seller or buyer, must perform responsibilities and pay for each shipping-related cost under respective trade terms.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 2 minutes)

Introducing Trade Terms into the Sales-Purchase Contract Negotiation Process

(Estimated study time: 57 minutes)

Sales-Purchase Contract Negotiation Concerns, cont.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 13 minutes)

Typical INCOTERMS Interpretation Issues and Problems

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 7 minutes)

Export/Import Payment Terms, Collections, Letters of Credit Basic Concepts

(Estimated study time: 58 minutes)

A Spectrum of Import Payment Alternatives

(Estimated study time: 59 minutes)

Common Export/Import Payment Terms/Options

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 17 minutes)

Overview of Destination Country Importation Requirements

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 17 minutes)