E7u—U.S. Exports under Customs Control or Requiring Special Customs Processing Or Additional AES Information

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This course addresses requirements and procedures for U.S. Exports:

It also addresses additional AES information required for exports regulated by U.S. Government agencies other than Commerce (BIS), State (DDTC) and Treasury (OFAC).

This course is not a primer on U.S. Export Controls, use of the AES system nor export compliance. We strongly recommend in-depth experience with U.S. export controls and AES filing, or one of the following courses as a prerequisite to this course:

U.S. Exports Under Customs Bond

(Estimated study time: 56 minutes)

U.S. Export Processing for Cargo Shipped Under an ATA Carnet

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 17 minutes)

Export Clearance Under an ATA Carnet, cont.; Export of Used Self-Propelled Vehicles; State-level Requirements

(Estimated study time: 56 minutes)