GISTnet Subscription Information

Thank you for your interest in subscribing to GISTnet.

Subscription Benefits—What do I get if I subscribe?

  1. Access to all of the Performance Support Library. By looking at the Table of Contents, you will get a good idea of the current scope of information, and additional materials are continually being added. There are currently over ten thousand explanatory documents, glossary definitions, and exhibits relating to international trade and transportation, plus the GISTnet Country Guides.
  2. Discounted fees for GISTnet training courses. These web-based courses cover a variety of international trade, cargo transportation, freight forwarding and customs brokerage subjects. In addition to these discounts, which average 30%, organizational subscribers are charged by the lesson used rather than for the entire course up-front, making GISTnet a true "pay as you learn" system.
  3. Assistance from GISTnet "help desk" staff. We will endeavor to assist you with technical and operational information within our expertise which is not yet addressed within the GISTnet library, and, of course, with the use and navigation of GISTnet.
  4. Use of GISTnet Library resources for internal company training and client support purposes. You may request permission to print and reproduce our library documents. So long as your request is specific as to documents, reasonable in scope, and not for commercial purposes which extend beyond your own company operations, and provided the documents belong to us (i.e., not a third party), we will generally grant such permissions. Please address your request to
  5. A continually expanding knowledge resource. Your subscription revenue is the means by which we maintain and expand our content in order to continually increase the value of GISTnet subscriptions.

Performance Support Library

Access "just-in-time" information as needed to meet operational and customer service needs. Navigate using our multi-level Table of Contents (currently over 7000 headings), hyperlinks to glossary definitions, exhibit documents, CFR citations and web URLs, and Key Word Index to drill through all of our content by context. This currently includes:

Learning Programs & Assessments

These services are available to subscribers at additional cost, based on usage; training via GISTnet is typically a small fraction of the cost of traditional training.

Technical Requirements

"How do I access GISTnet?"
GISTnet operates via the Internet. To gain access you need Internet access and a web browser. Email is our preferred means of administrative communication with our subscribers.
"How much help will I receive from GISTnet once I begin my subscription?"
Our focus is on supporting you with trade and transportation information and know-how, and we will be as responsive as possible with these issues. For technical support with Internet access or browser issues, you should contact your ISP or systems administrator.

Subscription Procedure

"How do I subscribe?"
First, determine the type of subscription which best suits your situation. Typically, companies engaged in international trade and transportation subscribe, and then enable their employees to use GISTnet. If you are arranging a subscription on behalf of your company or organization, check the company subscription options. If you are a working professional, and will be subscribing as an individual, you are probably a candidate for a professional subscription. Finally, if you are enrolled in a college or other course for which the curriculum calls for GISTnet materials, check the courseware list for your specific course. Once you decide on the type of subscription, the next step is completing the on-line registration form.
"What if I don't quite fit in one of your subscription categories, or have special needs?"
Please email us at or call us at +1.310.376.3888. We will be happy to consider a customized arrangement.
"How do I pay for a subscription?"
Subscriptions are payable on an prepaid annual basis. Payment may be made by company or personal check, payable to GISTnet, Inc. We currently accept credit cards through PayPal. Upon requesting a subscription, we will promptly issue an invoice by email, and will also mail or fax it to you upon request (please use the remarks field on the subscription request form).
"What if I wish to cancel my subscription before it expires?"
You may cancel your subscription to GISTnet at any time, and we will refund pro-rata the unused portion of your subscription upon written request; just send us an email. The only exception to this policy would be in cases in which a negotiated subscription agreement called for a minimum subscription period, or in the case of college courseware which is supplied on the basis of course units.
"How are subscriptions renewed?"
Subscriptions are automatically renewed upon receipt of payment for the next annual period. We will send you a notice of expiration via email approximately 60 days prior to expiration.
"What do I do if my email address or other subscriber information changes?"
It is important that we at GISTnet have your current email address, as this is our primary means of communicating with you. Please keep us informed by updating your user information form.
"What do I do if I forget my username and/or password?"
If you forget your username and/or password, but the email address you entered when you registered or last updated your user record is still valid, use the "Reset Lost Password" link on our main page, enter your email address, and our system will send you your username and a link to reset your password.

Subscription Rates

We offer individual subscriptions and company/organizational subscriptions. The company subscription fee is scaled on the number of users who would benefit from access, based on job assignment. Our goal is to make GISTnet widely and conveniently available to all who may have even occasional benefit from our information. Our company subscription fee is therefore based on a discounted sliding scale. The more users, the lower cost per user. We also offer discounts to subscribers who are willing to make longer term commitments.

Current subscription rates
Global + U.S.Global OnlyCountry Guides Only*
Individual subscription$200/year$150/year$120/year
Company subscription (up to 5 users)$500/year$375/year$300/year
Company subscription (up to 10 users)$800/year$600/year$480/year
Company subscription (up to 50 users)$100/month$75/month$600/year
Per headcount, 50+ users$2.00/month$1.50/month
Per headcount, 500+ users$1.50/month$1.13/month
Per headcount, 1000+ users$1.00/month$0.75/month

* Does not include access to the full GISTnet Library other than definitions for glossary terms used in the Country Guides.

The actual subscription fee is computed on the total number of employees, less those categories of employees who would never have reason to use GISTnet (i.e., individuals engaged solely in accounting functions, cargo handling, receptionists, etc.).

To subscribe, please register (if you have not already done so), and then complete the online Subscription Request/Inquiry form, or contact us: or +1.310.376.3888.