GISTnet Subscriber Course Pricing


Use of courses is priced as shown in the GISTnet Course Catalog. Discounted subscriber pricing applies to course use by learners under a corporate or individual GISTnet subscription. Course fees are payable in advance of course use, except for corporate subscribers that receive monthly subscription invoices, in which case courses are charged on a lesson-by-lesson basis as learners open each lesson.

Retake Discounts

GISTnet offers an automatic 50% discount on most training when the user has completed the same or an equivalent course on GISTnet.

Discount Lump-Sum Volume Use Pricing

Subscriber pricing may be further discounted through a volume course use purchase. Such lump-sum course usage is purchased for up to a maximum number of uses, to be completed over a defined period of time.

Once the number of students for a particular course over a given time period has been determined, the fee table below shows the applicable discount to the catalog subscriber price of the course. Notice that the shorter the time period, the higher the discount for the same number of uses. The lump-sum discount fee equals the subscriber catalog price times the maximum number of uses times the discount. Upon commitment to a discount course purchase, GISTnet will invoice the lump-sum fee in equal monthly installments over the period of usage.

The subscriber learning administrator(s) are responsible for course assignment to its learners within the selected time period. Learners may complete the course at whatever pace is convenient, subject to the absolute cut-off date applicable for course completion. Course assignment after the close of the discount period or in excess of the number of course uses purchased are invoiced at normal subscriber pricing.

Number of UsesTo Be Assigned to Learner Within
3 months6 months9 months12 months24 months
10–24 uses25%20%15%10%-
25–49 uses30%25%20%15%-
50–99 uses35%30%25%20%-
100–149 uses45%40%35%30%-
150–249 uses50%45%40%35%30%
250+ uses50%50%45%40%35%