GISTnet IAC and Authorized Representative Security Training

GISTnet provides air forwarders ("IACs") and their agents and subcontractors, such as truckers, with TSA-required air cargo security training (49 CFR 1548.11). GISTnet training is self-paced, taken via an Internet web browser, effective, convenient to use, very easy to administer, with special reports for TSA audit. GISTnet is significantly less expensive than most other training delivery, and makes management of refresher training a breeze.

Access to this security training is strictly limited to authorized IAC employees and their designated agents and subcontractors.

Security Training for IAC and Agent (Trucker) Personnel

Forms for IAC use:

Form for Trucker/Other "AR" use:

For more information and set-up, please contact GISTnet: or +1.310.376.3888.

Please note that GISTnet is not involved in Security Threat Assessment (STA) applications, which must be made directly to the TSA by IACs. Information about this is available on the TSA web site (IAC Information, and STA application).