GISTnet Authors and Staff

Below is information about GISTnet's authors and staff. Please feel free to contact us at or +1.310.376.3888.

GISTnet Authors

The GISTnet Library is our "core" operational support and just-in-time learning product. The study assignments in our GISTnet on-line courses and many more training modules created by our customers also comes from the GISTnet Library. Begun in 1992, it has been continually expanded and updated to address the needs of our subscribers. This requires a team of subject matter experts and editorial staff. Today our authors collectively represent over 175 years of "hands-on" experience in international forwarding and cargo transportation, customs brokerage, third party logistics and supply chain management:

Kevin Maloney, COF, CB, CCS (Bio) (
The founder, lead author and senior editor of GISTnet; extensive experience in global forwarding, U.S. customs brokerage, air and ocean cargo operations, training and business management.

John Albrecht (Bio) (
Extensive experience in global forwarding and logistics in Europe and U.S. Particular experience in Rhine River traffic, Eastern European logistics, and conducting management training in logistics. John is responsible for GISTnet content relating to European transportation, logistics and trade particulars.

Edith Sanfilippo, MCS, CB, CCS (Bio) (
Extensive U.S. customs brokerage operations, management and trade compliance experience. Edith is our lead author for U.S. import and customs brokerage content and courseware.

Desiree Althuizen-Ohman, CB (
Extensive experience in global forwarding and U.S. customs brokerage operations. Desiree is a licensed customs broker and our lead Country Guides author

GISTwareSM Learning and Content Management System

GISTware is the hosted software system that makes what we do possible, and gives our customers the ability to create and deploy their own on-line training and manage all their training via a single comprehensive platform. Having our software developers continually available in the office to address customer questions and respond to special needs gives us a major advantage over other LCMS software solutions.

Michael Thorpe (
Chief software developer and webmaster. Mike has been working on GISTware since its beginning in 1996, and is responsible for the overall design and direction of the system. He continues to design, develop and direct others in accomplishing major enhancements to the system.
Nathan Hellweg (
Software developer, customer support, solution wizard. Nate works with Mike in developing major system enhancements, and also provides immediate software support to our customers, including custom software enhancements, special reports and database manipulation.

GISTnet Customer Support and Training

All of us at GISTnet are involved in customer support and training. But here are people who you will most likely have first contact with.

Maluisa Veinbergs (
Customer support, Spanish translator. Maluisa provides a variety of customer support and training, and translates certain GISTnet training courses into Spanish.