[GISTnet] About GISTnet® Country Guides

GISTnet Country Guides provide the practical, detailed, country-by-country information needed by exporters and freight forwarders to meet customs documentation, packaging, marking and other export and import requirements.

Our guide is written by and for shipping professionals. In addition to what is required, we provide a variety of how-to information on the preparation of shipping documents, plus a variety of contacts where additional shipment-specific information and assistance can be obtained. Visit our sample pages for a preview of the information we provide.

As an on-line service, there are several further advantages to the GISTnet Country Guides over traditional paper-based or CD-ROM publications:

The GISTnet Country Guides are included in all GISTnet subscriptions (see Subscription Information).

Questions? Please contact staff@gistnet.com, or call +1.310.376.3888.