CSMS Message: 19-000253

Title:Trade Policy Update Reminder: Accelerated Payment for Substitution TFTEA Drawback Claims
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Trade Policy Update:

REMINDER: Trade is advised not to request Accelerated Payment (AP) on any TFTEA substitution drawback claim potentially subject to limitations on internal revenue tax refunds (accounting class code 365) until notified by CBP to do so.

If drawback claims are submitted prior to notification from CBP, there is a risk of bond decrementation and loss of AP for the life of the claims.

The above guidance regarding TFTEA substitution claims with class code 365 does not apply to the Oil Spill Tax and the Harbor Maintenance Tax.

For more information, please refer to the original CSMS (#18-000737).

Questions regarding this reminder may be directed to OTDRAWBACK@cbp.dhs.gov

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