CSMS Message: 19-000254

Title:Trade Policy Update: Drawback Rules Updated
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Trade Policy Updates

The CBP technical team deployed a fix to the production environment on Saturday, April 27, 2019 (CSMS#19-000219). This fix updated drawback rule numbers 056, 112 and 519.

Effective immediately, claimants/filers can now submit and/or resubmit drawback claims that were prohibited by the rules mentioned above. For more information regarding the drawback rule updates, please see below:

-Trade Remedies: Rule 056 has been updated to include the two Chapter 99 numbers (9903.88.02, 9903.88.03) for the 201 and 301 trade remedies to support drawback claims for provision 1313(p). The filer must report both the Chapter 99 and the 1 - 97 HTS numbers, along with the QTY and Value for each line item in the same order as listed in the ACE underlying import entry.

-HTS Mismatch: Rule 112 (HTS NBR MISMATCH) has been updated from a fatal to informational error message. Please be advised that the system still requires the HTS codes on the drawback claim to match the underlying import HTS codes. If a mismatch has occurred and informational message will be received.

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