GISTnet Course Catalog


We now offer fill-in-the-gaps learning modules, designed for experienced personnel to fill in any missing areas of knowledge. They are narrowly focused, inexpensive, and generally require an hour or less to complete. For more information, see our whitepaper.

These "anytime-anywhere" web courses have been created by experts in international trade and cargo transportation for immediate on-the-job knowledge as well as longer-term career development. Select the topic and then course title for pricing and a detailed syllabus. Volume discounts are available. If you are interested in a subject not shown, please let us know. You can also search the course list.

The estimated learning times provided in each course syllabus assume an average learner without prior knowledge of the subject matter who follows all of our recommended learning steps. A typical learner, who has some knowledge of the subject matter based on experience and/or prior training, will typically complete the course in less time.