Dangerous Goods (HazMat) Shipping (U.S.)

U.S. DOT regulations (49 CFR 172.704 and 702) specify training that an employee must complete before an employer can certify such employee as a "hazmat employee" (i.e., as a person responsible for arranging and/or handling HazMat shipments). There are five components to this training:

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In general, GISTnet recommends the same course be used for both initial and refresher training. This way, regardless of when and how a person was previously trained, all needed topics, including new developments, will be covered. A person who has retained much of what was previously learned will complete refresher training in significantly less time by assessing-out of what is already understood. An automatic fee discount of 50% will be applied for a person who has completed previous equivalent HazMat training on GISTnet.

Use can use the GISTnet job profiles system to streamline administration of training, especially DG and other recurrent training requirements. Let us show you how.

DG Course Modules

Overview of courses required by job assignment
Job AssignmentGeneral AwarenessFunction-SpecificGeneral SafetySecurity Awareness
Customs brokerXXXXX
Air forwarderXXXXXX
Ocean forwarderXXXXXX
Air+ocean forwarderXXXXXXX
Cargo handlerXXXXX
Truck driver, dispatcherXXXXXX

DG2u should be assigned to people receiving initial DG training before. DG70u is additional training for individuals handling radioactive materials other than ORM.

For more information about training requirements, see Facts Concerning the Requirement for Dangerous Goods Training in the U.S.

Volume discounts are available.

U.S. denotes courses that are designed for use only in the United States
CCS-Qualified denotes courses that provide continuing education credit for NCBFAA Certified Customs Specialist ("CCS") participants
CES-Qualified denotes courses that provide continuing education credit for NCBFAA Certified Export Specialist ("CES") participants