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GISTnet provides Internet/intranet-based performance support, training courses, assessment tools and educational support to professionals and staff engaged in international trade, cargo transportation and logistics. Our primary focus is on the support and career developments needs of transportation intermediaries (freight forwarders, customs brokers, indirect carriers and third-party logistics providers), including both technical training and key business skills such as customer service and supervision. Our library and training courses are also of interest to shippers, importers and exporters.

Our courses are available on a fee-per-use basis, with significant discounts for GISTnet subscribers and bulk purchases. We also supply courses, assessments and instructional support to trade associations, colleges and others who provide industry-specific education, training and occupational certification. For available GISTnet courses, including innovative customer service and supervision courses, see the GISTnet Course Catalog.

Together with our enterprise-level learning and content management system (LCMS), GISTwareSM, GISTnet allows for very cost-effective deployment of on-line training and integration of on-line training, assessment, and evaluation with all other types of training delivery. Use of GISTware is included as part of GISTnet subscriptions, and may also be used independently for knowledge management and training by any organization or population of employees.

GISTnet Library

Our Electronic Performance Support (EPS) Library consists of a glossary, explanatory text, country guides, and exhibits.


A user encountering unknown terminology, or terms used in an unfamiliar way, can use the GISTnet glossary to gain a quick and complete understanding—often in a second or two if one's browser is kept open. Our glossary currently contains over 6000 terms, phrases, acronyms, codes and abbreviations which we define and explain in the context of everyday usage in trade and transportation. Many definitions are illustrated, and/or linked to other Internet sites of interest. Most important, our glossary is a context-based gateway to our entire library. At the end of every definition is a link to a term-based table of contents showing every library heading under each term, allowing the user to quickly drill through to exactly the context in which the term has arisen. With GISTnet, there is no time wasted in hunting through conventional tables of content or using ponderous word searches.

Explanatory Text

Our diverse reference/training text serves as a practical manual covering much of the technical information and process knowledge needed in the industry we serve. We currently have over 7000 pages in our text library, which is continually updated and expanded.

Country Guides

Our country guides are specifically designed to help exporters and transportation intermediaries in arranging international shipments. They have become one of the most popular and valuable features of a GISTnet subscription, and are now also available as a separate subscription. We provide a variety of general trade, transportation and communication information, plus detailed coverage of import documentation, transportation and customs requirements. (See more information, including samples.)


Our exhibit library contains numerous reference documents, blank form specimens, and interactive forms to which we have added detailed usage instructions and links to relevant parts of our glossary and text library.

Help Desk

No amount of pre-published information can address every issue which will arise, especially at times when requirements and options are changing. For this reason, we invite our subscribers to contact us at any time for further assistance, clarification, information and research. We offer a deep reserve of expertise among our various GISTnet authors.

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