Dominican Republic: Export (general)

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Prohibited or highly restricted exports

This country prohibits exports of hazardous waste as per the Basel Convention.

Note: Restricted/prohibited Palm oil imports.

(Last updated on 2023-07-05)

Transport document

Effective 1 Jul 2016, pursuant to SOLAS, Safe Transport of Containers by Sea, for all loaded ocean containers to be shipped aboard a vessel (except those to be driven on or off a ro-ro ship for short voyages), the shipper or the party that packed the container (agent) must provide the ocean carrier with a container weight verification (CWV). This is accomplished by stating on the bill of lading instructions or via electronic message that the gross weight of the container (cargo plus container tare weight) has been verified, namely by stating "verified gross mass" (VGM) adjacent to the stated gross weight. This information must be signed by the person (shipper or agent) providing it, or when using an electronic message, the sender must be authenticated.

"Verified gross mass" (VGM) must be "submitted to the master or his representative and to the terminal representative sufficiently in advance, as required by the master or his representative, to be used in the preparation of the ship stowage plan." Shipping line information portals (e.g., Inttra, GT Nexus, Cargo Smart) will add VGM verification to their bill of lading instruction messages to the ocean carriers, and as separate messages.

There are two ways a shipper or container packer may determine VGM:

  1. By weighing the loaded container.
  2. By weighing or otherwise determining the total weight of the cargo and any dunnage, and then adding the container tare weight as marked on the container.

IMPORTANT: This requirement applies worldwide. The implementation procedures and minimum time prior to vessel departure to provide VGM, will vary by country, and perhaps also by port, carrier and cargo terminal.

Containers for which VGM has not been received as of the time of delivery to the cargo terminal will be:

(Last updated on 2016-08-12)

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