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We have all CSMS messages from 1992 to today in our subscriber area. The sampler below only shows messages through 2019-06-30.

2019-06-2919-000337FDA is not receiving ACE entries due to connection problems between FDA and CBP's systems
2019-06-2819-000336Initiation of AD/CVD Investigations:Collated Steel Staples from the PRC, Korea, Taiwan
2019-06-2819-000335ACE PRODUCTION Scheduled Maintenance, Sat. June 29, 2019@ 2200 to 0400 ET Sun. June 30
2019-06-2819-000334GUIDANCE: Exclusion of Particular Products from Section 201 (Solar Products)
2019-06-2819-000333New FDA CDER Product Code
2019-06-2819-000332GUIDANCE: Fifth Round of Products Excluded from Section 301 Duties (Tranche 1)
2019-06-2719-000331Processing Delays of FDA ACE Entries During Peak Hours
2019-06-2719-000330Updated ES Status Notification CATAIR posted on CBP.GOV
2019-06-2719-000329ACE CERTIFICATION CQ Query Deployed this morning, June 27, 2019
2019-06-2719-000328Harmonized System Update (HSU) 1912 created on June 26, 2019
2019-06-2619-000327ACE CERTIFICATION Scheduled Maintenance, Wed. Jun 26, 2019 @ 1700 ET to 2000 ET
2019-06-2619-000326Process to Re-Activate an Inactivated Importer of Record in ACE
2019-06-2519-000325RESOLVED - Delays Processing FDA Entries. FDA's PNSI and ITACS are down
2019-06-2519-000324Delays Processing FDA Entries. FDA's PNSI and ITACS are down.
2019-06-2519-000323RESOLVED - MQ issue affecting ACH Authorizations(PN/QN)and HTS queries in ACE
2019-06-2519-000322MQ issue affecting ACH Authorizations(PN/QN)and HTS queries in ACE
2019-06-2419-000321ACE Collections CERT Testing Now Open
2019-06-2419-000320ACE Entry Summary Business Process Document 9.75
2019-06-2319-000319Extended ACE maintenance from 8pm, Sat 6/22 to 4 AM, Sun 6/23
2019-06-2019-000318Implementation date pushed back for CSMS# 19-000261
2019-06-1919-000317Reminders for Reconciliation Filings
2019-06-1919-000316Extended ACE maintenance from 8 PM, Sat 6/22 to 4 AM, Sun 6/23
2019-06-1919-000315ACE Reports Retirement Reminder
2019-06-1919-000314ACE Reports Updates
2019-06-1919-000313ACE Reports Updates
2019-06-1719-000312ACE Entry Summary with cargo release now processing normally
2019-06-1719-000311FDA End-dating CDRH Product Code
2019-06-1419-000310Interest Rates for Reconciliation
2019-06-1419-000309Reminder: Changes to CSMS Messaging
2019-06-1419-000307ACE PRODUCTION Scheduled Maintenance Saturday 6/15/19 2200 to 0400 ET Sunday 6/16/19
2019-06-1319-000306Harmonized System Update (HSU) 1911 created on June 11, 2019
2019-06-1319-0003052019 Trade Symposium Registration is OPEN!
2019-06-1319-000304FDA ITACS Planned Maintenance Friday, 06/14/2019 11pm-2am Saturday, 6/15/2019
2019-06-1319-000303NMFS Update: Newly Designated Officials by the Government of Mexico
2019-06-1219-000302ACE CERTIFICATION maintenance outage 6/13/19 from 5 – 7 AM
2019-06-1219-000301ACE Collections and Upcoming Webinar on Distilled Wine & Spirits Deferred Tax Process
2019-06-1119-000300RESOLVED Delay Processing FDA Entries
2019-06-1119-000299Delays Processing FDA Entries
2019-06-1119-000298ACE CERTIFICATION Scheduled Maintenance, Wed. June 12, 2019 @ 1700 ET to 2000 ET
2019-06-1119-000297ACE Production Deployment, Thursday 6/11/19 @5:00 AM
2019-06-1019-000296UPDATE: Section 301 (Tranche 3) Duties:Extension to June 15, 2019
2019-06-0719-000295Update: ACE maintenance outage this weekend
2019-06-0719-000294CBP 2019 Trade Symposium Registration Coming Soon
2019-06-0719-000293Additional Day of Payment Granted for June 6, 2019
2019-06-0719-000292ACE Cargo Release SO Status Notification Guide Updated
2019-06-0719-000291Updated PGA Message Set Documents Posted to CBP.gov
2019-06-0719-000290New ACE Deployment Date for Consolidated Express Filings – July 27, 2019
2019-06-0719-000289GUIDANCE: Fifth Round of Products Excluded from Section 301 Duties (Tranche 1)
2019-06-0619-000288ACS Clean Up Activity as a Result of the Power Outage
2019-06-0619-000287FDA End-dating a CDRH Product Code and New CDER Product Codes